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Stress Free and Easy:All-New Ford Escape Delivers a Hands-Free Holiday

Stress-Free and Easy: All-New Ford Escape Delivers a 'Hands-Free Holiday' This Season

  • All-new Ford Escape and award-winning stress relief expert Susie Mantell team up to share tips on how to make holiday shopping less stressful
  • Ford Escape features a segment-first hands-free power liftgate; gentle kicking motion opens and closes the liftgate without the need to fumble for a key, making loading packages into the vehicle stress-free
  • Consumers can enter to win daily gift card giveaways or a chance at their own "hands-free holiday" by submitting their holiday stress-saving tips through http://on.fb.me/handsfreeholiday beginning Nov. 25
DEARBORN, Mich., Nov. 22, 2011 - Holiday stress? Difficulty finding a store or parking spot? The all-new Ford Escape and award-winning stress expert Susie Mantell are hoping to make this holiday season more enjoyable with some simple tips that can help you "Escape" the stress of the holidays and make navigating this busy season much easier.
During the holidays, 87 percent of American adults experience stress when shopping, and auto-related activities have a tendency to induce the most stress. Nearly 55 percent of Americans say that traffic jams, locating a parking spot and getting packages into the vehicle with their hands full are among the top stressful activities.
The Ford Escape, which debuted last week, has technologies and features that - when paired with these simple tips - can ease holiday stress. From active park assist to turn-by-turn directions and a hands-free power liftgate, the Escape is certain to make holiday shopping easier.
From setting a speed limit on spending to recharging your own battery, Susie Mantell and the Ford Escape have created 10 tips to help you "Escape" stress this holiday season. To see the full list of tips, visit Escape on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/handsfreeholiday.
"The Ford Escape offers a number of technologies that can ease stress during the holiday season," said Jason Sprawka, Escape brand manager. "The hands-free power liftgate is the newest Ford technology that makes customers' lives easier. New Escape owners will be able to load their vehicle without ever having to set packages down."
Ford recently introduced its all-new Escape featuring a segment-first hands-free power liftgate that opens with a simple kicking gesture under the rear bumper and without the need to fumble for a key. Escape is the first SUV to use gesture-based technology - similar to that found in video games - to open the rear liftgate.
Ford helps you 'Escape' the stress of the holidays
Consumers around the country can submit their own stress-saving tips to enter for a chance to win prizes that can help them "Escape" the stresses of the season, including a chance at a hands-free shopping experience.
Beginning Black Friday, Nov. 25, and continuing through Dec. 23, submit your most helpful stress relief tip through http://on.fb.me/handsfreeholiday and be entered to win a chance at the daily gift card giveaway.
Six grand prize winners will be awarded a $500 shopping spree and a Ford Holiday Helper to truly reward them with a "hands-free" holiday. The Ford Holiday Helper will assist winners and up to two of their friends with their shopping for a day. From carrying bags to waiting in lines and those long trips down the rows of parking lots to load packages, Ford Escape hopes to give you a hands-free holiday.
All-new Ford Escape
Escape is Ford's newest sport utility vehicle. Nearly 2 million Escapes have been sold since the model was first introduced a decade ago, making it the best-selling small SUV in the United States. The new SUV has 11 exclusive features. These include the new class-exclusive hands-free power liftgate. Escape fuel economy is projected to top any vehicle of its kind on the market today.

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